We specialize in design, fabrication, and installation of process and mechanical equipment systems.

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing and General Industries including: appliance, air pollution control, chemical, glass, and material-handling


  • Custom metal: light to heavy (including, customers’ designs)
  • Dust and fume exhaust systems
  • Structural components


  • Complete MIG, TIG, flux-core, submerged-arc, and stick welding performed in accordance with the AWS
  • Specialists in hard-facing

Materials Used

  • Carbon steel sheet, plate, and structural members
  • Heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys including: stainless steel, Hastelloy, and Inconel
  • Titanium, aluminum, and copper

Maintenance and Other Services

  • Mill tile lining installation
  • Replacement of wearable parts, such as chutes and pipes in material delivery systems
  • Local maintenance of process equipment


  • Local, national, and locations around the world

custom metal fabrication

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